iSurprise City Hall Park

Stroll in the shade of majestic old trees

Pieters park

In the colonial days, the Bandung elite would gather around the Pieters Park gazebo to enjoy dance performances or a picnic. Also, today the park is a popular event venue: thousands of people flock here for the annual Bandung car show and military parade with drumming, music band and precision marching.

The oldest park in Bandung has always been a popular place for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Bandung City Hall

Bandung did not become a city until 1916. The residence of local planter Andries de Wilde was promptly transformed into a City Hall. Two Art Deco wings and towers were added to the classic colonial building to give the new government of the resort town a bit more standing.

Did you know?

The park is as popular as ever, but to the disappointment of many locals, the grass has now been replaced with stones. Try to find the cage with padlocks, it’s a local highlight.

Dewi Sartika

In the shade of the big old banyan trees, are two statues: a white rhinoceros - the symbol of West Java - and a sculpture of Dewi Sartika, after whom the park is now named. Sartika, who was born and raised in Bandung, has become a national heroine for championing education rights for young girls. She founded the first school for women in the Dutch East Indies in 1904.

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