iSee Grand Preanger Hotel

Grand hotel in true Art Deco style

Paris of the East

It’s hard to imagine that this grand hotel was once a bankrupted grocery store. In 1897, Dutch businessman W.H.C. Van Deeterkom bought it and turned it into a hotel for the wealthy ’Preanger planters’, who flocked to the city during weekends to party.

Preanger Hotel is a fine hotel, in fact the only place in this part of Java to enjoy a proper European-style bath.
— Charlie Chaplin

A modern makeover

The Grand Preanger got a facelift in the roaring twenties, doing its name Grand Hotel justice in a cacophony of architectural styles. The architect in charge was Indonesian-born Dutch architect C.P Wolff Schoemaker, who was assisted by none other than the young draftsman Sukarno!

Famous guests

Charlie Chaplin stayed at the Grand Preanger Hotel during his first Indonesia trip in 1931. Also aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, first woman ever to attempt to fly around the world, stayed here while on her historic trip. Sadly, not long after her stay at the Preanger, her plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

Secret museum

Visit the small museum in the hotel basement to discover the rich history of the building and its many famous guests.

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