iShop Kopi Aroma

Fresh coffee beans from Bandung’s Preanger plantations

A cup of history

Oleh Tan Houw Sian was Bandung’s coffee pioneer. He has been brewing coffee from this small shop since 1930. Bandung’s best-known coffee shop is now in its third generation: Widya Pratama, who is also a Professor in Economics at Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) runs the business with his daughter.

For me it’s about pursuing a beautiful mission: maintaining the quality and tradition of coffee roasting.
— Widya Pratama

Hipster Hype

The décor of Coffee Aroma hasn’t changed a bit since the 1930s: even the machinery is original. The shop is more popular than ever before, so be prepared to queue.

About Java coffee

The Dutch tried growing coffee beans around Fort Batavia, now Jakarta, but without much success. Coffee crop only began to flourish at the end of the 18th century, when horse pathways connected Batavia with Bandung. The plantations of Tangkuban Perahu in northern Bandung became particularly famous for their 'Koffie Java'.

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