iSurprise Old Dutch Court

Birthplace of Indonesian independence

Birth of Indonesia’s independence

This small building is known as Gedung Indonesia Menggugat (Indonesia’s accusation). Here, freedom fighter Sukarno delivered his historic defence statement in 1930, accusing the Dutch colonial government of human rights violations. His fierce speech signalled the birth of the Nationalist movement, which eventually led to Indonesia’s independence.

Prison cell

Sukarno is Bandung’s local hero. He was a graduate of Bandung Institute for Technology (ITB), Indonesia’s most famous university. Sukarno was politically active ever since he was a student. What few people know is that Sukarno was imprisoned right here, when this building was still the Dutch Court. The small hallway, which now connects the building's café to the main exhibition room, was his cell.

Few people know Sukarno was imprisoned here, when it was still the Dutch Court.

Bung Karno

Sukarno spent about a decade in prison, until the invading Japanese released him in the early days of World War II.When the Japanese surrendered, his time had come: Sukarno and his fellow nationalists declared Indonesian independence on 17 August 1945, and Sukarno became the country's first president. Leading the Indonesians through the independence struggle, he is fondly remembered by locals as 'Bung Karno' (comrade Karno).

Bandung Heritage Society

To keep Sukarno’s story alive, the building was renovated in 2004 by Bandung Heritage Society and kitted out with a library, exhibition room and bookstore.

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