iSee PLN Building

By star architect CP Wolff Schoemaker

City lights

In 1933 the Gemeenschappelijk Electriciteitsbedrijf Bandoeng en Omstreken (State Electricity Company) tapped into a water source north of Bandung to light up the city’s streets and homes. Today, the building still serves as the regional headquarters of the local electricity company PLN.

The holy well

Located in the courtyard of the building is an old well. Even today, every Thursday night people come here to pay respect and get water from the well.

Legend has it that long before the Dutch arrived, King Wiranatakusuma discovered a holy water spring right here.

Impressive architecture

The building was designed by Bandung’s star architect CP Wolff Schoemaker. It was damaged by a fire during the struggle for independence in 1946, but since completely renovated.

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