iSee Art Centre

Living Lanna heritage; community art and culture space

Accidental design

The Lanna lanterns that are hanging here are 100% original Lampang product. It is Mr Pintasi (Suk Pintasi) of Thiwapon who created these works of art. He was inspired by silk Burmese lanterns but accidently burnt his first prototype! He then wrapped the intact structure with paper instead and that became Lanna lanterns you see today. These eight sided ‘lanterns of life’ symbolise eight ways to achieve Buddhist virtues and the path to the ultimate freedom through modesty, meditation, truthfulness, good deeds, livelihood, effort, vitality and mindfulness.

Living Lanna house

You can’t miss this beautifully renovated traditional teak house. This is a typical Lanna house, locally known as Ruen Ka-lae. It gets its name from the two V-shaped, hand-carved ‘ka lae’ on the front and back of the roof. It’s difficult to imagine now, but a few years back it was standing vacant and was terribly rundown. The Niyom Pattamasaevi Foundation not only revamped the woodwork in traditional style, they also brought the building back to life, by opening this Lampang Art Centre. “Our mission is to preserve traditional buildings in our home town Lampang. We also acquired and renovated the Baan Bariboon in the old town and turned it into an art exhibition centre.” says Mr. Narong Pattamasaevi, director of the Foundation.

Our mission is to preserve traditional buildings in our home town Lampang.

A space for local creatives

The art centre is Lampang’s creative hub for upcoming artists, young students and local creative spirits to display their work here. The exhibitions are an attractive mix of traditional, contemporary, experimental and more established works. Ruen Ka-lae is the heart of Lampang’s artistic scene, this is where artists meet, hangout and share their passion and knowledge. Have a look, there’s always something on!

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