iShop Ceramics Market

Find your perfect rooster pottery bowl

Ceramics town

Here you can find anything from cups to door décor, plates and mugs as cheap as THB10! Lampang is one of biggest ceramics producers in Thailand. It all started when a villager from the Jae-Hom district (north of Lampang) discovered the whetstone for ceramics. Ceramics are mainly exported to Italy, England, Scandinavia. There are only 400 ceramics factories left in Thailand, many have moved to Vietnam. Tick the bowl and listen to the sound, the more it sounds like glass, the better quality it is.

Rooster to wake you up

You’ll see white roosters everywhere in Lampang. Legend has it that Buddha visited Lampang in his lifetime. The god Indra was worried that the people would not get up by themselves to show respect to Buddha, and therefore woke them up by transforming himself into a white rooster. No wonder Lampang citizens wake up so early in the morning!

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