iEat Pork Noodles

Old recipe noodles with barbequed pork

Master’s recipe for egg noodles

Perhaps it’s the cool and dry weather in Lampang that makes its noodles inevitable. Though this noodles shop is only two years old, Pui the chef, has mastered her noodles making skills for 35 years. Before opening her own shop, Pui worked for a noodles master Mr. Hui An who owns another noodles shop in the old Boriboon market and also a noodles brand, for over 20 years. It is there she mastered the technique of making good quality noodles. Now Pui is very proud of her home town and also the noodles they make.

Impressive antique collection

Pui’s husband Ball is a passionate antique collector, that’s why they love the old town market so much. They decorated the noodles shop with all their valuable antiques.

Our favourite

We like the noodles with barbequed pork THB35 (normal size)/ THB 40 (large bowl). Egg noodles are freshly made here every day for over 50 years.

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