iSurprise Rat House

Chinese tycoon’s mansion in European style

Old town department store

A great example of Lampang’s golden days. This was Lampang’s grand department store, built by a wealthy Chinese tycoon Mr. Jin Yiann (Aree Tiwaree). Here people would buy goods shipped from other cities through the Wang River. Little reminds you of his Chinese origin. Quite the contrary the elegant building is in a traditional European style with typical Victorian fret work and a hip roof in Edwardian style.The only thing that hints at the owner’s Chinese heritage is the rat on the faced representing his year of birth: 1913.

On the safe side

The department store is long gone. These days a barber shop, massage place and a taekwondo school operate on the premises. An hour of massage costs only 100 baht here! The fire proof built-in safe in the wall is the reminder of the building’s illustrious past.

Old Town hostel

Find a nice peaceful boutique hostel in the garden behind the building, room rate starts from 300 baht.

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