iDrink Rocket Soda

Popular soda drink before Coca-Cola came to town

Rocketing business

It was Mr. Chueykim Sae-Chua who started the first soda drink business in Lampang in 1957. With his wooden-cart loaded but ice cold drinks he went wherever people gathered: schools, outdoor theatre and temples. His money invested in an Apollo rocket accessory and a new cart - a combination of a tricycle and a Land Rover - Mr. Chua firmly established the Rocket Soda brand. He now has a permanent base at the corner of Suandok Road and Talad Gao Road. These days Mr. Chua no longer needs to move around town, people come to him.

Pick your flavour

There are 8 flavours; banana, cherry, orange, lemon, plum, grape, salak and the most popular: rootbeer. Mr. Chua will first put ice in a glass then pour syrup and finally pump the soda from the rocket and shake. One bag/cup costs only THB15.

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