iEat Everest

Best Nepali food in town, fit for a hiking appetite

Authentic Nepali food

Everest Restaurant serves up some of the tastiest Nepali food in Kalaw. The Nepali owners have lived in Kalaw since 1997. Their restaurant is covered in orange marigold flowers for Diwali celebrations that hang from the enormous umbrella ceiling light and drape over their Hindu shrine behind the counter. This restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, but if you are coming for dinner make sure you come early as it is often packed by 7pm.

Nepali heritage

An estimated 300,000 Gurkhas live in Burma today, tracing their ethnic roots to Nepal. It was their forefathers who migrated to Burma in the nineteenth century when the Gurkha brigade fought as an elite force in the colonial Burmese army, they won nearly half the medals for bravery. In the British days Gurkhas were also sent to Shan state to build roads and railroads, and many never left.

Our favourites

Sample their chicken biryani, paneer masala curry, dahl baht and pumpkin curries which are favourites of locals. Each curry is served with complimentary rice and roti and sour and sweet sauces or pickled gooseberries. If you are a fan of the traditional Nepali dumplings - momos - then put in an order the day before and the restaurant will make them specially. They are only made upon request.

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