iShop RDS Fair Trade Shop

For local fabric, ethnic traditional dress and gifts

If you’re searching for an ethically sourced gift, then this is your one-stop shop.

Sustainable shopping

This shop is perhaps the oldest fair-trade gift store in Kalaw. The mannequin out the front is usually draped in different traditional ethnic fabrics from the black velvet studded Danu tunic to the turban with the frill at the side of the Shan national dress. The shop was founded in 1992 to support rural development in the region, today a small sign stating Rural Development Society still sits above the door. It raises projects to improve the living conditions for rural villagers, among them: a children’s home in Kalaw, libraries in several rural villages, water distribution, reforestation, building bridges and selling local products in the shop.

What to buy?

If you’re searching for an ethically sourced gift of tea grown in the Shan hills, fabric that can be made into a longyi for visiting temples across Myanmar or a colourful Pa O pompom-topped child’s hat then this is your one-stop shop. Some of the newest products include handmade earrings and a jewellery range made by local artisans.

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