iShop Kalaw Market

Bustling fresh produce market that sprawls across Kalaw’s pavement

Kalaw’s local community and social calendar revolve around the market. This is when the town comes to life.

Local market

Kalaw’s market is open every day in the centre of town. There’s a flurry of fruit and vegetable sellers offering avocados the size of your hand, golf ball-sized mandarins that are some of the sweetest you’ll ever taste and other produce that is neatly positioned on empty rice bags in rows or small towers. If you’d like to sample some of the best fruit or sweets such as semolina cake, peanut brittle or crackers then this is the best spot to visit.

The five-day market

Every five days an even bigger market, simply called the “5-day market” comes to Kalaw. On these days the town’s population doubles when farmers and ethnic groups of the Shan, Palaung, Danu and Pa O flock into town with their fresh produce. It’s quite a spectacle, most sellers walk or take the train into town wearing the traditional Pa O dress - with signature brightly coloured turban – or bright pink Shan blouses.

Community celebration


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