iEat Babi Guling

Best place to try Bali’s national dish: roasted piggy

Bali’s most famous dish

Babi Guling is a must try dish in Bali and this stall is THE place to try it! Babi Guling is the only dish on offer here and the stall is a firm favourite among locals.

Suckling baby pig

The young pig - between two and six weeks old - is stuffed and infused with a spicy mixture of turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, black pepper and garlic and then spit-roasted. Because a young pig's flesh is so rich in collagen and has yet to develop strong, robust muscle tissue, roasted suckling pig is very moist and tender.

Babi for the gods

Babi guling is a key element in the more important traditional offering ceremonies, like funerals. After the ceremony the pig is divided in portions and distributed among all relatives.

Our Pick

Find the old lady opposite to Maospait Temple and order a complete meal for as little as IDR 12,000 and eat tatami style, or go across the street for slightly more upmarket experience for IDR 15,000.

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