iShop Hasanudin Gold Street

Gold ladies do a roaring trade in Kampung Arab

Gold street

Jl. Hasanuddin is the location of choice for jewellery. Commonly known as the ‘Gold Street’ Hasanuddin is lined on both sides with shops selling anything from precious stones to cheap bling bracelets.

and ‘golden ladies’

You’ll notice the ladies sitting on small chairs in front of the shops. These are Hasanuddin’s ‘gold ladies’, who will get you the best price. ‘I learned the trade from my parents since I was 15, most difficult part is the fluctuating price of gold’ says Ayu (53), one of the Hassanudin Gold Ladies.

Nice to know

The gold ladies pay a monthly premium of IDR. 500.000 to the Banjar for the right to occupy their ‘shop’.

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