iShop Sulawesi Fabric Street

A mecca for fabrics in the bustling Arabic quarter

Jl. Sulawesi; a fabric hotspot

This part of the old town is where locals go for fabrics; a great choice of different colours, patterns and qualities and generally good value for money.

Meet third generation fabric trader Pak Anis. It was his grandfather who started bringing fabrics from Java to Bali. Reinventing the traditional trade, Anis is now starting to experiment with modern interpretations of traditional Batik Bali animal motives.

Kampung Arab

You’re now in the heart of Denpasar’s Arab quarter. For decades this is the enclave of the Arab community on this predominantly Hindu island. Many goods here are imported from the Middle East and North Africa making it the location of choice for the Muslim community to do their shopping.

Pick your street

Just as Jl. Sulawesi is known for fabrics and textiles, Jl. Hasanuddin is where to go for gold and Jl. Kalimantan your destination of choice for daily needs such as dates, hair polish and headscarves.

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