iSurprise Maospait Bale Kul Kul

Maospait temple’s bell tower, the only ancient one left

Banjar community life

This village meeting hall is the centre of the Gerenceng neighbourhood. This is where festivals are celebrated and daily offerings take place. From June-August you will see youth making kites, while in spring the men will be busy preparing for Ogoh-Ogoh.

Contemporary meets traditional

It is a relatively new banjar, completely renovated in 2006 by local resident and well-known architect Anak Agung Yoka Sara who blended traditional architecture with modern design. Going back to the original Bebadungan architectural roots but adding a spectacular new roof made of wood and glass.

Unique heritage

The Maospait bell tower is older than any other bell tower in town. When you look closely the facial features of the small statues are all different.The rich roof decorations indicate this was a wealthy community.

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