iEat Pangsit Mie Ayam

Handmade Chinese dumplings and noodles

South Chinese noodles

Welcome to Pangsit Mie Ayam, a Chinese noodle shop that is a firm local favourite. The shop can get very busy, so be prepared to queue!

Authentic flavours from home

Pangsit Mie Ayam was founded by first generation immigrants from South China. They opened a small stall selling what they knew best: hand-made home-cooked noodles and dumplings. 40 years later but nothing has changed; this is still the original shop, the same recipes and the same passion for cooking. Owner Ani Agus shares the secret to success: ‘The key is to select the best quality ingredients and to make everything fresh every day.’

Our favourite dish

Mie Jamur Pangsit Bakso: noodles served with meatballs and dumplings in soup (IDR 55,000). Don’t miss your chance to try the local tea Sorso (IDR 6,000).

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