iSee Pura Maospait Gerenceng

Unique brick carvings in this hidden holy sanctuary

Unique holy sanctuary

This is not just an ordinary temple: two Balinese mythical birds guard the Maospait gate: Ratu Ngurah Bayu and Ratu Ngurah Paksi. Dating back to the 14-15 century they are worth a look not just because of their appearance, but also because they’re carved out of brick not stone, unique in Bali.

Cleanse your spirit

It is a highly spiritual place and just one look at Paksi, makes you realise that you should be careful what you say in these surroundings. The name Maospait come from two words, maos means speak and pait means bitter, indeed this is the temple of choice in difficult times.

Built by a hero

People believe that temple built by Kebo Iwa (honoury title literally meaning buffalo virgin), one of the great leaders of the ancient Bali kingdom and a famous architect. Kebo mastered both the art of war and science of architecture and according to legend he was exceptionally strong, he carried the large stones for the temple on his back…

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