iSurprise Pura Taman Beji

Small hidden temple by the river side

Tranquillity in the city

Find this small serene shrine down by the Tukad Badung River. In the old days the locals avoided what was regarded as a spooky place - reportedly even a ghost ship was spotted floating down the river - but when one day they found a water spring with crystal clear water, people built this shrine in appreciation.

Three elements of spirituality

This is a very spiritual and quiet place, perfect for a moment of rest and contemplation on your walk. It has the right spiritual elements:

  • Water is a key feature in the purification for Hindu ceremonies: used to cleanse body and mind.
  • Big banyan tree is believed to be a place where the Balinese spirit lives and;
  • Bamboo is a cooling place for restless souls and demons.
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