iSee Puri Agung Jro Kuta

Yellow scarfs handcrafted at the royal palace grounds

Royal threads

This is the official residence of one of Bali’s royal families and one of the few palaces not destroyed in the 1906 war. Feel free to explore the grounds; the royal family is very much part of the neighbourhood. They even make their own fabric. The signature golden yellow scarfs are sold on the traditional markets around Denpasar, but don’t miss the chance to buy a royal scarf at the puri where you will get the wholesale price of IDR 50,000.

Look out for the white paper signs

It’s a good sign! It means that there’s just been a ceremony, so demons are all cleared and spirits happy. So you’re good to go.

The door code

Rule of thumb is: the larger and more elaborate a gate, the more spiritual a place is. So when you pass a small gate you could be entering someone’s living room.

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