iSee Puri Pemecutan

The remains of the old Pemecutan Palace

The king’s palace

Unfortunately it is not the original palace of the Pemecutan kingdom you’re visiting. Being the home of the oldest and richest of the three Badung kingdoms the Pemecutan palace was grand and impressive with as many as 38 courtyards, but sadly demolished at the eve of the 1906 Puputan battle between the three Badung Kingdoms and the Dutch colonial powers.

Old palace burnt to the ground

It was not the Dutch demolished the old palace, but the result of pre-battle hara-kiri decision to set the palace on fire upon surrender, not to leave the royal spirits in the hands of the enemy.The Dutch annexed the land and remaining family members retreated in the Kanginan, and in fact this is the palace you see today.

Discover the Pemecutan spirit

Do not feel discouraged by the fact that the palace is in use as residence of the royal family, feel free to wander around and explore the grounds with an almost homely feel to it.

Nice to know

Reportedly the King of Pemecutan had 500 wives.

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