iSurprise Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Oldest Catholic church with Balinese soul

Hindu’s angels

Ever wandered what the Virgin Mary would look like in Bali style, visit St. Joseph’s Church! At first glance you'd think you’re entering a temple, but the typical red brick and stone carvings are deceptive. Look closely and you'll find yourself surrounded by angels…

Where the west meet the east

The oldest Catholic church on the island is a unique blend of traditional church design and Balinese architecture:beautifully stained-glass windows sit in characteristically carved window stills and you find images of Jesus where you would expect Hindu guardians.Go inside to find the altar adorned with Balinese umbrellas and a baptismal basin decorated with Joseph and Mary kitted out in traditional Balinese dress: Joseph is wearing an udeng while a beautiful Mary in endek sits by his side.

Come in!

The Church community is very much alive and even the church service blends in traditional elements and people come to mass in Balinese dress.

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