iEat Warung Tipat Tahu Gerenceng

Bali’s best tipat tahu using a three generations old secret recipe

Cheap & cheerful

Tipat is rice steamed wrapped in woven palm leaves and tahu is the Indonesian name for tofu. Tipat tahu stalls can be found scattered all around Bali but this one in Denpasar’s Gerenceng neighbourhood has been there since 1960 and has a huge local following.

Three generations and still going strong

The Tipat Tahu stall has been there for three generations. ‘My grandmother used to run this stall. Now her grandchildren are continuing the business,’ said one of Ngainah’s grandchildren, 34-year-old Yulianto.The Ngainah family starts each day with 10 kilograms of rice, 30 kilograms of bean sprouts, 10 kilograms of peanuts and 300 slices of tofu and they cook until the supplies run out.

Secret is in the sauce

The secret is in the sauce of ground fried peanuts, fried shallots, chili and sweet soy sauce and a splash of petis (a sauce made from sweet soy sauce and fermented prawn or fish paste). The dish is then topped off with shrimp crackers.

Our pick

Get a plate Tipat Tahu Gerenceng for IDR 5,000. Also great for take-away.

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