iEat Toko Bahagia

Traditional cakes for special occasions

Yummy rice cakes

This colourful store Toko Bahagia is filled with sweets, cakes and goodies and is a popular local’s choice to stock up on traditional snacks. Perhaps more interestingly; this is where they shop food items for their daily offerings.

Daily offerings

Toko Bahagia does a roaring trade, as offerings are very much part of daily life: every day, at every house, shop, village or temple there will be offerings.Locals serve flowers petals, snacks and fruits and sometimes even cigarettes to please the gods.

Special occasions

Things get even more festivewhenpreparing for Gebongan the typical offering for big ceremonies. These can be enormous in size, incorporating all ingredients mentioned above and more: cooked chickens, pigs, roasted peanuts and fruits… The food is shared among family and friends once the ritual is over.

Our favourite

Grab some Paso cake glutinous rice cake with shredded coconut (IDR 1,500) wrapped in a banana leaf.

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