iSurprise Cheung Yu Wing Bridge

A story of envy, murder and death

Harbour pilots

Ever heard of harbour pilots? They are professional navigators who lead foreign fleets safely through busy shipping waters, such as the Lei Yue Mun channel.

A haunting story

The subtle “雨” rock carving next to Yu Wing Bridge (雨榮橋) tells the story of an infamous harbour pilot. Back in the 1950s, Cheung Yu Wing (張雨榮) seized an old pier, parked his boats there and had a roaring trade.

The famous murder

One of Cheung’s workers, Chan Yuen (陳元), was found out to have financial issues. Not long after, his dead body was found floating at sea. The autopsy report indicated murder with an axe, and Cheung was subsequently found guilty and sentenced to death… The death penalty was not abolished in Hong Kong until 1993.

Hotbed for crime

About 400 metres wide, Lei Yue Mun channel is the narrowest part of Victoria harbour. Its width, or lack thereof, results in strong currents, making it difficult for the marine to patrol. Throughout its history, the channel has always been a hotbed for crime and smuggling.

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