iShop Kwan Kee Store

A hidden local store

The secret local store

Kwan Kee is a great spot to take a break. Everyone in Lei Yue Mun knows this store, but nobody knows its opening hours.

Shop like a local!

Kwan Kee, the owner of his eponymous shop, opens his doors when he feels like it. It all depends on his mood. "I am not working for anyone!" he says. A typical customer would find Ah Kwan watching TV in the living room, shouting out loud: “What do you want? Feel free to look around!”

Our pick

Kwan Kee is most proud of his homemade sour plum soup (酸梅湯), which costs HK$15 a bottle. The soup is only available in summer, from April to October, and it's best to enjoy it ice cold!

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