iSurprise Ming Chiu Tong & Wah Yim Kok

Quiet meditation among the hustle and bustle

Meditation sanctuary

It may be hard to imagine, but 70 years ago, this crowded tourist spot was actually a quaint place for Buddhists to meditate.

Ming Chiu Tong temple

This temple was built in 1934 to worship Buddha and Guan Yin. It was the place of choice for three ladies who decided to stay single and lead a modest life. They became vegetarian and lived and volunteered in the village until they passed away.

Wah Yim Kok

Over 60 years old, Wah Yim Kok is another Buddhist temple also dedicated to Buddha and Guan Yin. Buddha worshipping service takes place every 1st and 15th day of the month according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

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