iSurprise Sam Ka Tsuen Typhoon Shelter

A popular Tanka fishing spot by the rice wine bay

The wine bay

In the 19th century, Lei Yue Mun was famous among Hakka people for its rice wine, shaojiu (燒酒). The wine was distilled right here at the typhoon shelter, which is why the bay is locally known by the poetic name of 'wine bay'.

Reclamation and relocation

Since the early days, Tanka people lived and parked their fishing boats at the typhoon shelter, which even had some repairing docks. The government later moved the fishermen to public housing estates on land, reclaimed part of the shelter and built the Yau Tong Industrial Estate.

Typhoon shelter today

Up until today, you will find fishermen living in boats at the shelter. They still go out at sea to fish, but near the lighthouse is a popular spot to trawl as well.

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