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Assembly Hall of the Elephant Fort

Fort assembly hall

Located at the central green, the plain church with round windows is like a museum where stories are told about the origins of the Matara Fort and the people who lived at that time. More than just a church it was also the meeting place of the Fort community.

In the Dutch days the church was like an assembly hall, where the governors and the dissaves would have discussions and take oaths.
— RL Brohier, Ceylonese Burgher Surveyor


Inside the church are 25 tombstones of famous people who lived from the Dutch to the British Era. Among them Pieter Christiaansz Bolscho, (the Dessave of Matara) Governor Falck, Sir Henry Lawrence and C.A. Lorenz. The oldest date all the way back to the 17th century. Buried here are Babara and Bermardus Lambertyn, the housewife and son of the chief master Lambertus Lambertyn.

Nice to know

After being damaged by the Sinhalese Rebellion of 1760, the Church was restored in 1767 by Daniel Burnett. This building is one of the oldest churches in the whole country.

It is a church that still works today and bears all the sufferings of the devotees.
— Church Father

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