iShop Nupe Market

Iconic monument in Matara City

Go Dutch

Built in 1879, this market is known as Dutch Market, but we know the structure is from the British period. The Dutch had not really developed their influence beyond the fort.

Located at the main junction, the market is one of the most iconic buildings in town. Shaped like the English letter T, its tiled roof with traditional valance boards is carried by a hundred white round shaped columns making it a true Matara landmark.

A remarkable place in Matara town. In my childhood, I would go shopping here with my mother.
— Hemantha, Owner of the Fort Guest House Matara

A meeting point

No longer a market, it is now used for special events, markets and fairs. Maybe one day it become a focal point again for the heritage town and be used as an al-fresco info point and cafeteria in the middle of Matara town.

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