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Barista brewed moka pot coffee

Moka pot coffee is easy to make but very difficult to master.
— Ton-Thammarat Lamprom

A masterful art

This Japanese-inspired café is a hidden jam in the old city run by Ton-Thammarat Lamprom (or Ton for friends). The real master behind this café is Ton himself, but his 80-year-old Japanese grandmother-in-law, who mastered Moka pot coffee brewing for almost 70 years. Moka pot is a traditional Italian coffee brewing method, that brings a unique smoky flavour to a cup of coffee. It takes 4-5 minutes to brew one cup.

Comedian turned barista

Ton used to be a puppet comedian before he became a barista. He finds many similarities between the two trades: "Coffee is like a joke. If it is a good joke, people will laugh instinctively. The same with coffee, if it’s good, you can see it from people’s faces."

Our favourite

Try 'Es on the Rock' for THB60 or ask Ton to tailor-make a cup of coffee for you!

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