iSee Wat Prasat

Classic Lanna temple

Lanna style temple

Welcome to Chiang Mai, a city with over 300 Buddhist temples, each with its unique characteristics and stories. Wat Prasat is a classic Lanna-style viharn built in 1823, a wooden temple on a stone base. The 3-tiered rooftop decorated with chofah on both ends makes it a typical Lanna structure. Also, the intricately carved flower motifs are Lanna style.

Community space

Temples in Thailand are not only used for religious purposes but also used as a gathering place for the local community. They come here for workshops, consultations or just a casual meet-up.

Secret sidewalks

Locals do not enter the temples from the main entrance, they would go through the secret sideways. All major temples in Chiang Mai city are all aligned and connected.

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