iDrink Common Table

The biggest Thai-style café in Macau

Good choice for brunch

Common Table as a nice spot to get together with friends for a laid-back breakfast or lunch. This Taipa cafe also happens to serve some of the best coffee in the city, mainly thanks to the talented barista Vida. The blend of Brazilian, Colombian, and Yunnan beans creates a balanced, rich-flavoured coffee. Try their Project 19 coffee latte, a perfectly balanced Ethiopian blend with a double espresso and 55-degree steamed milk.

I love the wood-themed design here, it’s rustic but elegant. Nothing like a cup of coffee for a relaxed mood after a busy day.

Romantic environment

Two long wooden tables with benches in the middle of the room embody the concept of sharing a table and enjoying a meal in a good company. Smaller tables are scattered around for those who prefer more intimacy. After sunset, candles and jazzy music turn Common Table into a romantic and cosy dinner restaurant.

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