iDrink KAFKA

Sweets & Gourmandises Café

A world of desserts

Kafka is one of Macao’s most well-known dessert shops, inspired by the famous Prague novelist Franz Kafka. People come here for the cakes. The hazelnut flavoured matterhorn is their signature cake. Or try the caramel toast and soufflé, it's as good as it sounds!

Every cake here is so exquisitely made that I’m reluctant to eat it.

Inspired coffee

There are many non-coffee drinks on the menu.We like the chocolate waltz, it is not milk-based but a wonderfully light chocolate-flavored tea. As for coffee, caramel sea salt coffee is the best-seller with a nice thick foam layer. We recommend salted egg yolk coffee. The top layer is cream, the middle layer retains the aroma of coffee, and the bottom layer is grainy salted egg yolk. Try the whole coffee and you won’t regret it!

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