iDrink Lamgo Coffee & Roasting

Excellent siphon coffee

History of siphon coffee

Lamgo Coffee offers outstanding siphon and espresso coffee. Siphon coffee dates back to the 1800s and some people describe it as the most theatrical. When this method was invented, coffee aficionados believed that boiling kills the taste, so they started experimenting with pressure, temperature and glass bowls. As a result, a vacuum coffee maker was born and it is still used today.

I especially liked the ice drop coffee (with milk and sugar). Sipping while sitting in the shade of the trees.

Excellent baristas

The walls of the small coffee shop are covered with various certificates of coffee craft proving the exceptional skills of Lamgo’s baristas. The house blend is arabica with a hint of acidity, sweet and bitter. Check out the gigantic vacuum coffee makers, a true museum-worthy exhibit.

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