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A neighbourhood meeting point for Indonesian women

Indonesian store

AP Mart is a specialty retail store for Southeast Asian groceries.The Chun Yeung Street store branch was opened eight years ago by an Indonesian woman named Shirley, who came to Hong Kong in 1999 as a domestic helper.Lived here for many years, she is now fluent in Cantonese.

A meeting point for domestic helpers

Shirley explains that many elderly people in North Point are cared for by Indonesian domestic helpers, known for their kindness and diligence. They have formed a small community in the area and it is common to see women in hijabs around here. Many also come to AP Mart to buy lunch, which is Halal certified and suitably spicy. As Shirley adds, “we can’t eat without spice!”

Indonesian workers have formed a small community in North Point and it is common to see women in hijabs here.
— Shirley

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