iEat Chun Chun Restaurant

One of the last traditional Fujianese food shops

Little Fujian

Chun Yeung Street is known by locals as “Little Fujian”.On this street is one of the last remaining family-run traditional Fujian food shops called Chun Chun Restaurant. In Fujian culture brunch is the most important meal of the day, with a variety of dishes are served on the table, such as Fujian-style fish, pickled vegetables, and savoury rice.As owner Mr. Ng says “Eat well, work well!”

Oyster omelette

Fujianese people love to eat oysters, steamed or fried or cooked, there is always a bamboo bucket filled with fresh oysters at hand.Chun Chun’s menu includes the local favourite: fried oyster omelette. “The oysters come directly from Fujian, they’re fresh and delicious” says Mr Ng.A tip from the chef - you mustn’t miss the restaurant special: Southern Fujian sweet potato congee!

Our oysters come directly from Fujian, they are fresh and delicious.
— Mr Ng

Real Fujianese

When Mr Ng’s parents settled in North Point they operated a mobile snack cart on Chun Yeung Street, Business was good so they opened Chun Chun Restaurant.Now Mr Ng and his father operate the business together. “It is not easy to find good quality Fujianese food in Hong Kong so we get many Fujianese immigrants here for a taste of their hometown.”If you want to know the popular dishes, just ask the auntie at the next table, they might be from Xiamen.

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