iSurprise City Garden

Former Power Station turned housing estate

Power station

This was once North Point’s Power Station. It was built in 1913 but the plant didn’t open until 1919 because of the first world war. The powerplant has long gone and is now one of Hong Kong’s largest housing estates, City Garden. Only the street names - Electric Road and Power Street - remind us of the past.

World War frontier

During WWII, the power plant was at the frontline of the fights with an army corps stationed at the plant. 22 out of 36 ‘soldiers’ were actually employees of Hong Kong Electric Company, but the corps was a vital stronghold for the British army on Hong Kong Island.

City Garden

With the construction of a power plant in Ap Lei Chau in 1968, there was no more need for the North Point Power Station and in 1978 it was closed and turned into a private housing estate. City Gardens comprises of 14 towers and is home to no less than 9,000 residents.

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