iShop Double Happiness Noodles

Hong Kong made noodle factory

Noodles of all kinds

Mr. Yung is a Shanghai Chiu Chow, he owned a successful pawn shop back in Shanghai, but when he moved to North Point in the 50’s he had to start from scratch. Noticing that many people were shipping noodles back to their home town, he opened a noodle shop and called it Double Happiness. Here you can find any kind of noodles, rice noodles, egg noodles, Shanghai noodles, all freshly made in Hong Kong without preservatives.

In the 50s there were five-six-storey shophouses on both sides of the street.
— Mr Yung

Adapting to changes

“Rice noodles have always been the most popular product, it accounts for half our business” Mr Yung says proudly “we make it by crushing rice residue into powder and steam it. Our non-alkaline Shanghai noodles are also very popular among local Shanghainese and in the 80s, when more Fujianese settled here we started selling “Fujian noodles”.” Mr Yung has fond memories of Chung Yeung Street in the 50s: “There were five-six-storey shophouses on both sides of the street”, the one thing that has never changed though is that Mr Yung and his son both work very hard, they only take one holiday in the year, at Chinese New Year.

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