iEat Lee Keung Kee Egg Waffles

An institution for HK style egg waffles

Michelin-star egg waffles

Lee Keung Kee stands out from the crowd, their egg waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. No wonder there’s always a queue in front of the small store. In 2015 Lee Keung Kee was also included in the Hong Kong Top 40 Michelin street food list.

Secret recipe

Owner Mr Liu can’t say too much about the secret recipe but he is happy to share: “We uses high quality eggs and we don’t add additives or colouring. We time our baking process really well to ensure crispiness!”

We time our baking process really well to ensure crispiness.
— Mr Liu

Zero waste

Egg waffles are Hong Kong’s favourite street snack. But how did they become a Hong Kong signature? Legend has it that in the 50s, one grocery store didn’t know what to do about broken eggs, mixed it with flour and butter and the rest is history.

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