iEat Mak Kee Street Snacks

Michelin starred fried pork bun

Award-winning dumplings

This small shop on Fort Street is always jam packed, enjoying Mak’s award-winning Shanghainese fried bun and dumplings. Don’t be fooled by the plastic chairs, this shop has been recommended by the Michelin Street Food Guide for four consecutive years.

We’re serving our neighbours, so we keep our prices low.
— Mr Mak

An ivory craftsman turned chef

Dongguan born Mr Mak is in his 70s and a man of many trades. He first worked as an ivory craftsman, then as a tailor. He recalls: “During the Vietnamese war, many US soldiers passed by Hong Kong and the shop was very popular, but the hours were too long. So when I was 17, he went to a Shanghainese restaurant to be an apprentice” he was not even 20 when he opened his first restaurant and never looked back.

Sourcing fresh ingredients

Every day, Mr Mak goes an extra mile to source the freshest produce in North Point market. He always goes himself to make sure the ingredients are of high quality. Yet, the fried dumplings are only $10 for 4. “We’re serving our neighbours so we try to keep the prices low!” says Mr. Mak.

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