iSurprise Shanghai Barber

Largest Shanghainese barber shop in Hong Kong

Shanghainese barber

Located on Java Road in North Point, Shanghai Kiu Kwun Barber Shop is the largest traditional Shanghainese barber shop in Hong Kong.The shop has two doors at the front – the left is for male customers and the right is for female customers.Mr. Ko, a Shanghainese, is the second-generation boss of the shop.His father used to operate a barber shop in Shanghai and applied for Hong Kong residency in 1959.Mr. Ko has continued his father’s business, working here for more than 50 years.

Massage chairs

What is the difference between a traditional barber shop and a modern barber shop?For starters, Shanghai traditional haircuts include shaving.The process includes cutting, shaving, and lastly blow-drying the hair.Special attention is paid to the chair where the guest is sitting.The shop’s chair was made in Japan and is of high quality.It has been used for 50 years without damage.It even has a massage function!

Stylish barbers

Additionally, you can see that all the barbers of Shanghai Kiu Kwun are dressed in white shirts, giving customers a sense of neatness.In the 1950s, the Shanghainese barber shop required all barbers to wear a white shirt, a white jacket, and a black tie.With this neat appearance, the Shanghainese barber shop eventually prevailed over the Cantonese barbershop.

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