iSurprise Ambar Ashram

A unique yoga experience in which laughter is the best medicine

What is laughing yoga?

Well, it’s just as it sounds. An hour long session where you have the opportunity to completely lose yourself with a group of two hundred or so (mostly locals) over some unabashed laughing.It’s based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. And believe us, it does! You’ll be laughing your heart out, embrace your fellow yogis and try some hilarious aerobic dancing.

About Kadek Suambara

Kadek Suambara comes from seven generations of village priests, and has been practicing meditation since the age of nine.At the age of twenty-six, Kadek was the youngest person in Balinese history ever to be elected as spiritual leader of his village.In 2006, he began studying meditation in Mumbai, under the guidance of laughing yoga founder, Madame Kataria.Soon after, he returned to Bali and started the Bali Happy Movement.

Bali happy movement

Established in 1995 by modern Balinese spiritualist, Kadek Suambara, Ambar Ashram is the centre for the Bali Happy Movement, which has a huge local following from throughout the region. Laughing yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 700 Social Laughter groups worldwide.Today, Ambar Ashram has a following of 2,000 local residents.As Kadek says: “TheAshram has organically grown to what it is today, because just like laughing, it’s contagious”!

The Ashram has organically grown to what it is today, because just like laughing, it’s contagious!
— Kadek Suambara

In the family

Kadek Suambara’s brother, Ketut, runs Taman Hati yoga and meditation center just down the road.

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