iEat Babi Guling

Eat the ever popular suckling pig among locals

Babi guling

This local restaurant has no official name but goes by the name of its one and only dish, babi guling. Spit-fire roasted suckling pig or babi guling, is the island’s most famous dish, and this is the place to eat it! Authentically prepared and very affordable at this traditional warung. This tiny joint which opened in 2005, is locally owned, uses local recipes and is priced for local people. It only has two tables and typically sells out before noon.

This tiny joint only has two tables and typically sells out before noon.

Whole hog

Here, all parts of the pig are used including the pork skin, fried crackling, sausage, blood, and meat. Babi guling is served with spicy lawar (mixed vegetables usually from young jack fruit, long beans, bean sprouts and coconut), a mixture of sambals (spicy condiments), and rice.

Two pigs a day

This second-generation family-run business cooks up two huge pigs each day (90kg) and serves them up until they are gone, or 2pm, whichever comes first. IDR 25.000 for small, IDR 30.000 for big portions. For takeaways, it costs less than IDR 20.000. So if you are looking for a truly local dining experience, get there early before they sell out!

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