iDrink Bali Bohemia

Funky café among the monkeys

Unleash your bohemian spirit!

This funky restaurant and boutique hotel is located right next to the Monkey Forest entrance. Two floors with a chilled out, yet vibrant vibe decorated in colourful murals and a wall featuring works by local artists. The place serves up delicious fresh fruit juices, cocktails as well as a healthy and fresh, food menu.

Monkeys abound

Their patio is a fantastic spot to get out of the sun and enjoy watching the naughty monkeys running around. The staff has their ways to keep them from joining your table, slingshot in hand!

Local music scene

Nyuh Kuning is very quiet and peaceful, most places close by 10pm, but if you are looking for a little nightlife this is the place to go. A local favourite, hosting open mic nights on Thursdays and local bands on Saturdays.

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