iSurprise Bumi Sehat Foundation

Local birth centre for happy healthy babies

Healthy Mother Earth

This local birthing centre, Yayasan Bumi Sehat is the pride and joy of the Nyuh Kuning village.Founded in 1995, the clinic offers free prenatal care and medical aid where many families cannot afford."Yayasan" means not-for-profit, "Bumi" means Earth-Mother, and "Sehat" translates as Healthy. Thus, the Healthy Mother Earth Foundation.

Community health clinic

Each year, the Clinic performs approximately 20,000 consultations and conducts more than 500 births. For years Bumi Sehat was in a small village house, but in 2016, they opened a brand new clinic next to the football pitch, tripling in size, but keeping their roots in the Nyuh Kuning community.

CNN hero of the year

Bumi Sehat is the brainchild of American born, Ibu Robin Lim, a midwife, mother, wife, mentor and community crusader. She came to Bali after she lost her sister, who died from childbirth complications. When she arrived, she started helping pregnant women and as knowledge of her services became widespread, others joined together with Robin to support the initiative. In 2011, she was chosen as the CNN hero of the year for her amazing achievements.

Coffee at grandpa’s

Grandpa’s Coffee and Eats, opposite of the birth clinic, is a nice local hangout for a quick cuppa.

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