iSee Museum Pendet

Discover Nyuh Kuning’s woodcarving history

Preserving Balinese art

This small museum located in the heart of the village is worth a visit! Here you find an impressive, albeit slightly quirky collection paintings and wood carvings, many of which by the renowned artist Wayan Pendet. He was a member of the exclusive Pita Maha, an association of 125 artists founded in 1936, by Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet with a mission to preserve the quality of Balinese Art in the rush of tourism to Bali.

Nyuh Kuning style

This museum displays some wonderful examples of the Nyuh Kuning ‘style’ wooden animal carvings, often with a good dose of humour. While the village’s penchant for animal carvings has morphed over time, the museum highlights the artistic legacy with some fine and fun examples.

All in the family

The Pendet’s are known as the artisan family of the village. The artistic skills in passed on from generation to generation. They’re famous for paintings and sculptures, but there’s also a cartoonist in the family: Gun Gun.

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