iEat Nasi Lawar

Popular local warung serving typical Balinese rice and pork

Eat like a local

This family-run street-side restaurant is an affordable low-brow joint, popular among locals. The restaurant only serves one dish: nasi lawar (IDR 25.000), a pork, vegetable and rice dish traditionally made for special ceremonies, and this is the place in Nyuh Kuning to try it.

A family affair

The restaurant is little more than a picnic table but the owners, who live behind the restaurant, cook up 10kg of food and serve around 50 customers daily: “The secret to a good nasi lawar is in the sauce. We use grated fresh coconut, kefir lime leaves and mix the blood of the pork with herbs and spices.”

Ode to the pig

Ask the owner to see his peculiar pig deity in the back, he is very happy to show it to you. He may even give you a glimpse of the homemade sausage hanging out to dry in the back.

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