iSee Pura Puseh

Nyuh Kuning’s spiritual heart

The temple of origin

This is Nyuh Kuning’s spiritual and religious centre. The Purah Puseh is the main temple and honours the god Wisnu, who is known as the ‘the sustainer or preserver of life’ because of his ability to incarnate as an avatar (God-Man), move freely between the heaven of the Gods and the Earth of humans. Temples are meant to be a pleasant ‘resting place’ for the gods when they visit on the island. Every time the Gods decide to drop by they are welcomed with big celebrations. The biggest are Galungan and Kuningan. If you’re in town for one of these, you’ll witness a spectacle you’ll never forget.

Community hangout

What we love about Bali is that a temple is more than just a religious place, it’s a community place. The wantilan pavilion next to the temple doubles as a badminton court, aerobics studio and barong music hall.

Be kind and follow the rules:

1. Always wear a sarong and sash.

2. Do not walk in front of people when they are praying.

3. Do not use flash or point your camera at the priest's face.

4. Never sit higher than the priest, the offerings and/or people praying.

5. During cremation ceremonies, do not get in the way of attendees.

6. Women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstruation.

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